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When Suarez escaped the shadow of Messi and Neymar

When Suarez escaped the shadow of Messi and Neymar 2
When Suarez escaped the shadow of Messi and Neymar 2

Luis Suarez transferred to Barca for a record price of 128 million dollars in the 2014 summer transfer period. He received great expectations that he would join Lionel Messi and Neymar to form a destructive attacking trio for the Catalan team.

However, since returning from a four-month ban, Suarez has not shown much.

Suarez had his most brilliant evening since arriving at Barca.

During his return to England, where Suarez became a superstar in the soccer world, the Uruguayan player did not miss the opportunity to remind everyone of his talent.

Suarez understands defenders in the Premier League well, having scored two goals against England at the 2014 World Cup. His speed and quick reaction ability helped the former Liverpool striker become the first Barca player to score.

“Playing matches like this is always special for me after many years of playing football at Liverpool,” Luis Suarez said after the match against Man City.

Man City was expected to learn lessons from the 4-1 defeat after two matches against Barca last year, but the reigning English champions seem to have failed to do that.

Suarez appeared as the main character of the party at Etihad Stadium.

“Suarez was very confident and whether he scored or not, he is still an excellent player that we need to bring in,” said Luis Enrique.

This win does not necessarily help Barca feel completely secure before the return match, but Suarez scoring to step out of the shadow of Messi and Neymar will be a good sign for the Nou Camp home team to seek a gentle victory in the match.

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