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What do experts say about the proposal to reopen international flights?

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What do experts say about the proposal to reopen international flights? 5
What do experts say about the proposal to reopen international flights? 5

The Vietnam Aviation Business Association last week proposed that the Government open regular international flights to a number of countries that have controlled the Covid-19 epidemic.

Explaining this proposal, Dr. Bui Doan Ne, Vice President and General Secretary of the Aviation Business Association, said that this industry is a catalyst for economic development, progress and international integration.

He said that gradually opening airports will help airlines maintain operations, reduce stress on scarce cash flow, ensure income and jobs for workers, and thereby have a chance to recover.

`Step by step open international airports but must ensure the principles of epidemic prevention and control along with economic and social development. The safety of passengers and crew needs to be the top priority,` Mr. Ne said.

According to Mr. Ne, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has just issued Guidelines for air travel in the context of the epidemic.

Airplanes to Tan Son Nhat are reducing their frequency by half compared to July due to the impact of the epidemic.

With an expert perspective, Dr. Le Dang Doanh, former Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management Research, also said that reopening international routes will not only help the aviation industry but also the tourism and housing industries.

`The government should introduce measures to gradually restore international flights. However, before reopening, it is necessary to develop a plan to prevent and control the epidemic so as not to enter Vietnam,` Mr. Doanh said.

Mr. Doanh also proposed that at first, 1-2 international routes could be opened with a frequency of a few flights per week to pilot and gain experience.

Mr. Doanh also said that if many experts go to seminars and conferences without quarantine time, they should be allowed to have a certificate of not being infected with nCoV and be tested when arriving at the airport.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Si Dung, former Deputy Head of the National Assembly Office, said that it is necessary to gradually open flight routes to some countries that have controlled the epidemic and then expand.

`We cannot close forever,` Mr. Dung said, saying that quarantine needs to be applied in a new normal context for the economy to operate and businesses to gradually recover.

On the airline side, Vietjet Air representative said that the recommendations of the airline association are the problems that airlines are facing and need support from the Government and ministries and branches.

On the contrary, economic expert Ngo Tri Long said that at present, regular international flights should not be opened because of the risk of a strong epidemic outbreak.

`The Airline Association’s proposal to open international routes is emotional, they have not seen the unpredictable consequences,` Mr. Long said.

According to Mr. Long, if the epidemic is well controlled, the economy will recover quickly and passengers can travel with peace of mind.

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