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Weird items travelers bring to the airport

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Weird items travelers bring to the airport 3
Weird items travelers bring to the airport 3

Every day, customs and airport security staff around the world have to face many `headache` items brought by tourists.

Human skull

In 2013, while checking passengers’ luggage at the airport in Ft.

Many passengers like to bring odd things on the plane.

Dead body

In 2010, a 66-year-old woman and her 41-year-old daughter brought her husband’s body from John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, England to depart for Germany.

240 live fish

Customs at Los Angeles airport were very confused and surprised when they discovered a man had transported 240 live fish in 4 suitcases full of water.


Many passengers on vacation from Australia brought home a souvenir of a boomerang – a special product of the land of kangaroos.

Poison snake

In early 2012, the US Transportation Security Administration discovered a container of dead venomous snakes checked into a pile of luggage at Newark airport, New Jersey.


An Egyptian couple encountered trouble when `packing` their child in a suitcase to enter the Emirates of Saudi Arabia.

Weird items travelers bring to the airport

The Egyptian couple put their son in their luggage to bypass airport customs.

Samurai sword

A man encountered a lot of trouble when trying to carry a sword through the airport gate in Boston, USA.


290 passengers had their flights delayed and had to wait at Ft.

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