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‘Vietnamese into Vietnamese Tiêq’ and cultural criticism

'Vietnamese into Vietnamese Tiêq' and cultural criticism 20
'Vietnamese into Vietnamese Tiêq' and cultural criticism 20

In the early days, when the territory of Vietnam had not yet formed as it does today, this land had only small tribes or clans.

It was not until the Northern dynasties invaded and expanded their territory to the south that our country became their colony, which history calls the Northern domination period, which lasted thousands of years.

After the end of the Northern domination period, our country entered a period of `broken independence` establishing its own feudal dynasties.

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The word `Nom` is actually still the word `Chinese` borrowed mostly from Chinese characters. Through the process of use, there is a simplification of the characters in Chinese characters or combining Chinese characters into a new word, forming

Nom culture also gradually disappeared when France colonized our country, Chinese characters were banned from being taught in schools, but instead people learned French and French characters.

Before this period, religions also began to be introduced into our country, including Christianity.

The person who had the greatest contribution in building the Vietnamese National Language alphabet was Alexandre de Rhodes, a French missionary, considered the founder of the Vietnamese National Language.

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That is the entire brief history of our Vietnamese writing.

Speaking of this, I suddenly feel a little sad, our people have enough creativity to build a set of writing with their own identity to express the language of our people.

It was not until the last months of 2017 that Associate Professor Dr. Bui Hien, after many years of research, published his research results pointing out inadequacies in Vietnamese writing and proposing reform with an alphabet.

According to research by Associate Professor and Dr. Bui Hien, the new writing method helps save more time and uniformly uses one character to represent many similar sounds in Vietnamese such as `Q, K, C` instead of one letter.

However, Associate Professor Bui Hien’s research and solutions have faced backlash from the social community.

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First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between `Vietnamese` and `Vietnamese script`.

Associate Professor Bui Hien’s research is very creative, very new, very good, but changing a habit is not easy, so Associate Professor Bui Hien’s bold proposal doesn’t really work.

Instead of following the crowd mentality to curse, satirize, and attack, I hope everyone in Vietnamese society will take a few minutes to look at the problem from many angles and then make cultural and logical criticisms.

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