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US ‘aircraft carrier power’ message sent to China

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US 'aircraft carrier power' message sent to China 7
US 'aircraft carrier power' message sent to China 7

Jets, reconnaissance aircraft and helicopters performed hundreds of takeoffs from the aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz last weekend in the largest exercise in years in the South China Sea, where China is seeking

The Chinese Navy held illegal exercises in Vietnam’s Paracel Islands on July 1-5, where the country illegally built bases, runways and illegally deployed missiles and radars.

The US Navy regularly sends warships and aircraft to patrol freedom of navigation and aviation through the East Sea region to challenge China’s territorial claims.

`Thanks to our high combat readiness on a global scale, we can now engage in combat with another aircraft carrier,` said Rear Admiral George Wikoff, commander of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group.

Rear Admiral Wikoff said the exercises would `send a clear signal` to partners and allies that the US is `committed to ensuring security and stability in the region`.

A B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber took off from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, USA and flew for 28 hours to participate in exercises with two aircraft carriers in the East Sea, before returning to base.

The two aircraft carriers Reagan and Nimitz began joint exercises in the Philippine Sea on June 28, before moving into the East Sea last weekend.

The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group (left) and the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier (right) during a joint exercise in the East Sea, June 7.

The US has sought to show off its military power in Asia-Pacific in the context of China’s rise after Covid-19 and putting pressure on surrounding countries and territories.

US officials believe that China is trying to take advantage of the time when the US is busy dealing with Covid-19 to promote activities in the East Sea, one of the world’s key trade routes.

China announced that it would `chase away` a US destroyer passing through Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago at the end of April. The Pentagon rejected this information, saying the US warship completed its mission as scheduled.

Chinese military spokesman Li Hua Man accused the US actions of being `provocative`, `violating relevant international law`, `increasing security risks in the region` and `likely to cause incidents`.

During a press conference in Beijing today, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the US `intentionally sent an aircraft carrier to the East Sea to show off its power, as well as seek to divide countries in the region.`

The two aircraft carrier exercises are just part of recent US military activities in the East Sea.

Oriana Skylar Mastro, a maritime expert at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC, said she supports the US strategy of increasing military activities with allies in the East Sea to fight `expansionism`.

However, Mastro believes that China in the near future may increase `more reckless military activities` in the region and increase the risk of confrontation, especially if the political situation in Hong Kong worsens, potentially

US 'aircraft carrier power' message sent to China

The F/A-18E multi-role fighter of the 5th aircraft carrier air group took off from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan during a joint exercise with the USS Nimitz in the East Sea, on the night of July 5.

The exercise of the warships Reagan and Nimitz in the East Sea is the first joint training activity of two US aircraft carriers in the region since 2014.

`Operating alongside another carrier strike group provides valuable training opportunities that increase our combat readiness,` said Rear Admiral James Kirk, commander of the carrier strike group.

During the exercise, F/A-18 Super Hornet multirole fighters launched from two aircraft carriers simulating air-to-surface missile attacks, while EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft demonstrated

Four guided missile cruisers and destroyers escorted aircraft carriers participating in exercises to detect and intercept threats.

`We want to push ourselves to operate at a higher intensity, so the process of rehearsing day and night is something different and good for our group, building confidence in our abilities,`

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