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Urban residents suffer because of noise pollution

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Urban residents suffer because of noise pollution 5
Urban residents suffer because of noise pollution 5

Buying a house just in time for the city’s social distancing allowed Ms. Nga’s family to enjoy a quiet space.

`The screams of children, drilling holes in the wall, husband and wife arguing, parents scolding their children, dishes falling… combined with the sirens and motors every time I opened the balcony door, making the whole family uncomfortable.

She once tried installing noise-canceling glass, then reported it to the management board hoping for a solution, but she was advised to `accept and adapt to the general situation`.

Choosing to buy a house nearly a kilometer away from the main road to reduce noise, Ms. Hoang Lan’s family, on the 4th floor of HH Linh Dam apartment building (Hanoi), along with many other households, were also tortured by yellow and red songs from

`They are noisy at all hours. On weekends, even if you want to sleep a little longer, you can’t because the loud music wakes you up, even if the door is closed tightly,` Ms. Lan said.

A group of residents brought box speakers to dance at the common playground of HH Linh Dam apartment building, on the evening of October 16.

Many families with ground-level houses are in the same situation.

Mr. Chung once came to give comments, but the loudspeaker’s sound only decreased a little, and a few days later it returned to its original state with the excuse `I don’t care what I do in the house`.

Noise pollution in urban areas is not a new problem but it is painful because there is no solution yet.

Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Thi An, director of the Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Community Development, said noise pollution is very dangerous but receives little attention and comes from vehicles;

`Hanoi has more than 8 million people, nearly 7 million vehicles, dozens of industrial parks, business and entertainment activities… plus a rapid urbanization rate, further accelerating the pollution rate.`

For example, in Hanoi, research and assessment results of the Institute of Occupational Health and Environment at 12 main roads and intersections in Hanoi show that the average noise during the day is 77.8 to 78.

At Ms. Lan’s apartment building, on the morning of October 16, some young people brought loudspeakers to play funeral music to retaliate against the dancing music of a group of elderly people.

A residential group leader in the HH Linh Dam urban area confirmed that a group of elderly people had been warned and made a record but still relapsed.

Regarding the above incident, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Chinh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai district, said he had assigned urban officials in conjunction with the ward police to remind and correct the situation.

In fact, Decree 45 on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of environment specifically stipulates the level of sanctions for acts causing noise pollution.

Urban residents suffer because of noise pollution

A few young men brought portable speakers to play funeral music in front of a group of elderly people who were continuously subjected to noise on the morning of October 16.

Enduring the noise from morning to night caused Mr. Chung and Ms. Nga’s family to often suffer from insomnia, forcing them to seek medical attention and treatment.

Dr. Tran Thi Hong Thu, Deputy Director and Head of Clinical Department of Mai Huong Day Psychiatric Hospital (Hanoi), said that the number of patients coming to the clinic due to insomnia increased by 10-20% compared to the past.

In addition to household noise, many people living in traditional craft villages, mechanical and welding workshops also suffer from sounds exceeding the permissible threshold.

Sharing with VnExpress in April 2021, Dr. Do Hong Giang, Head of the Department of Audiology, Ho Chi Minh City Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, said the number of people with hearing problems tends to increase and rejuvenate.

`But I can’t file a petition asking households to stop production because this is what they make a living from. The only way to protect their ears is to move in,` Ngoc said.

Urban residents suffer because of noise pollution

Linh Dam Apartment on the evening of October 18 did not record any loudspeaker problems affecting the lives of residents.

Dr. Truong Hoang Truong, Head of the Department of Urban Studies, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, said that there are three main causes leading to the problem of noise pollution in Vietnamese urban areas.

To prevent and reduce this pollution, architect Pham Thanh Tung, Chief of Office of the Vietnam Association of Architects, suggests that people should choose housing projects with good sound insulation or install additional layers.

`Therefore, changing awareness and increasing education for people in ensuring urban civilization is the most feasible and needs to be replicated,` Mr. Tung said.

For Ms. Thuy Nga’s family, hoping to feel relaxed, sleep well and breathe fresh air, she plans to move to a luxury apartment, separate from main roads and industrial parks when she has money.

`I still have to wait for solutions like installing noise barriers on the road or minimizing the amount of traffic moving for who knows how long. I have to find a way to save myself and my family instead of struggling with noise every day.`

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