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Unique bars on the beach

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Unique bars on the beach 2
Unique bars on the beach 2

Here are some exceptional bars.

1. Theros Wave Bar, Santorini, Greece

Theros Wave Bar glows on the beach.

Santorini is one of the most famous islands in Greece, worthy of the title of the most romantic island.

2. Pierre And Friends, Batroun, Lebanon

Unique bars on the beach

Sipping some wine looking out to sea is an unforgettable moment at Pierre And Friends.

For those who want simplicity, no frills, just great drinks and a great chill location, think of Pierre And Friends, one of the most unpretentious beach bars in the world.

It’s not flashy and noisy and the scenery isn’t too gorgeous either.

3. Hula Hula Bar or Hvar, Croatia

Unique bars on the beach

It is the simplicity of Hvar that brings excitement to visitors.

Croatia has some underrated beaches, but if you’re looking for a party alternative to Ibiza and Ayia Napa, Hvar is a smart choice.

4. Badeschiff, Berlin, Germany

Unique bars on the beach

The unique architecture of Badeschiff attracts more and more tourists.

The best beach bars aren’t necessarily located next to the ocean.

5. Doyles, Watson’s Bay, Australia

Unique bars on the beach

Don’t forget to stop by the world’s oldest bar when you come to Australia.

There are many places in Australia that have beach bars, but Doyles is considered the oldest bar not only in Australia but in the world.

Doyles is sophisticated, rustic and located on a stunning stretch of beach.

6. Uxua Praia, Bahia, Brazil

Unique bars on the beach

The elegant, sophisticated atmosphere inside the Uxua Praia bar.

If you like unique and strange things, you will love this place.

Coming here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of beach volleyball matches or other interesting sports that regularly take place.

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