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Under simulated attack, why didn’t the US warship shoot the Russian Su-24?

Under simulated attack, why didn't the US warship shoot the Russian Su-24? 0
Under simulated attack, why didn't the US warship shoot the Russian Su-24? 0

Russian aircraft hovered right above the US destroyer.

Russian aircraft and the destroyer USS Donald Cook had a series of encounters earlier this week in the Baltic Sea.

`This incident is completely inconsistent with the professional standards of militaries operating in close proximity to each other in international waters and airspace,` White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

Russia has not yet given an official response to the incident.

According to Navy Times, Colonel Rick Hoffman, an officer who commanded a US corvette and cruiser, said that despite being close, the US destroyer did not attack the Russian aircraft, because this behavior did not rise to the level of a threat.

`We are not at war with Russia,` said Colonel Rick Hoffman.

If you identify the aircraft, can see that it is not carrying weapons, and do not detect any electronic signals that would indicate the ship is locked on a missile target, then nothing needs to be done.

It is possible that the `attack simulation` violates the 1973 treaty between the US and Russia.

The Russia-US encounter took place in the Baltic Sea, 70 nautical miles from Kaliningrad, Russia’s overseas territory.

Otherwise, it’s just for show, Hoffman commented.

Rules may vary, depending on the situation.

`We probably will not accept such behavior from Iranian aircraft in the Persian Gulf,` Hoffman said.

Or if the plane approaching the ship is a civilian aircraft, the ship’s commanding officer will have to be cautious, in case this could be a suicide attack.

According to Hoffman, it is likely that the incident was intended to demonstrate Russia’s power against US forces operating in its backyard.

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