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Ukrainians ‘prepare for the worst’

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Ukrainians 'prepare for the worst' 4
Ukrainians 'prepare for the worst' 4

After Russia launched its military campaign in eastern Ukraine, the people of Chuguiv town woke up on the morning of February 24 in surprise and fear about a series of shelling and missile attacks.

Besides the man in his 30s holding his father’s body amid the rubble, a woman also shouted complaints in the cold weather.

Sergiy, 67, who lives in a damaged apartment, said he was fine despite some bruises.

`We never expected this to happen. We will move to a nearby village, hoping the war will spare us,` a girl named Anastasia shared.

A Ukrainian mother holds her child in a bus leaving Kiev on February 24.

In the capital Kiev, Ukrainians also panicked and flocked to subway stations to take shelter when air raid sirens sounded everywhere.

`We have to save ourselves. We hope the metro station can be a shelter because it is underground,` Michenka said.

Many residents in the city of three million people were awakened early in the morning of February 24 after a series of loud explosions.

In addition to gathering in shelters, many people in Kiev also quickly rushed to stock up on goods, refuel, withdraw cash or rush to leave the city.

Yana and Sergii Lysenko, like many other Kiev residents rushing to find shelter, said they tried to stay calm and not show their fear to their young daughter.

`We thought it would be safer in Ternopil. We heard the sound of bombs. That’s why we decided to leave the city,` Yana shared.

In Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, in the northeast of the country, people were taking shelter as explosions rang out everywhere.

`I woke up at 5 a.m. to a completely changed reality and that’s when I realized this place was no longer as safe as I imagined. I couldn’t believe it happened,` a woman in Kharkiv said.

Ukrainians 'prepare for the worst'

Russian troops entered Ukraine.

Contrary to the panic of many people, Alex Klymenok, a 27-year-old lawyer in Kiev, still calmly went to the office to take his laptop home to work remotely amid high tensions.

`Of course it’s scary, but we don’t need to panic because that’s what they want. Right now my work is still normal. Even if they come here, into Kiev, I’m still ready to fight.`

Svetlana Locotova, a woman in Kharkiv, also appeared calm while waiting to withdraw money with everyone.

Many people on the streets of Kharkiv still talked and laughed happily, even as they talked about cleaning their homes to prepare for the evacuation of relatives from more severely affected areas.

`We are optimistic, but also prepared for the worst,` Locotova said.

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