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Twin towns around the world

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Twin towns around the world 4
Twin towns around the world 4

Visiting the places below, visitors can easily see twins who are as similar as two drops of water.

Igbo-Ora, Nigeria

Igbo-Ora town has the highest rate of twin births among the Yoruba community in southeastern Nigeria.

There is currently no clear medical evidence, but some studies show that the cause is related to women’s eating habits.

Having twins in this town is considered by many to be a blessing from God and is the wish of most women.

Candido Godói, Brazil

The town of Cúndido Godói, located near the border of Argentina, has a twin birth rate of about 10%, much higher than the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil.

The population here is largely of Polish and German origin.

Over the past decades, a series of studies have focused on finding the cause of this phenomenon.

Twin towns around the world

Mr. Jorge Camarasa’s speculation was rejected by many local historians.

Buzim, Bosnia

Located in northwestern Bosnia, Buzim is also known as the `twin town` with more than 200 pairs of twins among its 20,000 residents.

People here want a high twin birth rate to attract tourists to visit.

Twin towns around the world

Buzim is also known as a `patriarchal community` with a tradition of large families and inbreeding.

Kodinhi, India

Kodinhi village, located in the state of Kerala, eastern India, has more than 250 officially registered twins, while only 2,000 families live.

In 2008 alone, 15 sets of twins were born out of a total of 300 healthy newborns.

Twin towns around the world

India has one of the lowest twin birth rates in the world, so the village of Kodinhi received significant attention and interest.

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