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Trump family records will be broken at the White House

Trump family records will be broken at the White House 0
Trump family records will be broken at the White House 0

The extended family was present at Mr. Trump’s election speech at the Hilton Hotel, New York.

Newly elected President Donald Trump will move into the White House with his third wife and 10-year-old son.

No one knows what will happen when Donald Trump, who has been married three times and has children with all three wives, will move part of his family into the most powerful house in America.

On the stage of his election speech on November 9 in New York, Donald Trump was surrounded by his most trusted allies and political advisors, members of his extended family.

`I’m so appreciative of my family. Everyone is so wonderful!`

Monica Langley, a famous sharp writer for the Wall Street Journal, estimates that the family of the 45th president of the United States will certainly surprise the whole world.

`They will definitely break all records. Washington will witness a family without precedent in history,` Langley said.

`Trump is hot-tempered and loud-mouthed, but Melania is the complete opposite. Melania has always shown herself to be an elegant, thoughtful woman. She is very smart, speaks four languages. She likes to show off that she is

As first lady, Melania promised to fight bullying on the Internet.

`In the past, it was understood that she put her son first,` Langley said.

Langley assessed that perhaps the most trustworthy person to Donald Trump during the campaign was the eldest daughter and successful businesswoman, Ivanka.

`I saw your brothers once said that Donald Trump loves you the most,` Norah O’Donnel, CBS morning show host, asked Ivanka before the election.

`Yes, I’m daddy’s little girl,` Ivanka replied, laughing.

When Ivanka speaks, Donald listens.

`’Dad, we have to do this’. She’s right. She’s very smart,` Trump said.

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, is also a trusted advisor to Trump’s campaign.

`I predict that Ivanka and Jared Kushner will be a very important couple in the new administration,` Langley said.

Trump family records will be broken at the White House

Ivanka and her husband are expected to become an important couple in the new Trump administration.

Eric Trump often acts as his father’s representative for interviews, while his brother Donald Trump Jr.

`The Trump family that we saw throughout the campaign was always together and they really put him in the White House,` Langley said.

Barron Trump will be the youngest boy to live in the White House since the late President John F. Kennedy Jr.

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