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Tropical Hospital and Hai Duong received the first Covid-19 vaccine

Tropical Hospital and Hai Duong received the first Covid-19 vaccine 5
Tropical Hospital and Hai Duong received the first Covid-19 vaccine 5

`The amount of vaccine is small, we cannot allocate it to 63 localities, we can only partially coordinate it with 13 provinces and cities with epidemics,` Minister Long said at the Covid-19 vaccination training conference, connecting 700 points above.

It is currently unclear the specific number of vaccines coordinated for each location.

The current number of Covid-19 vaccines is only 117,600 doses.

`Priority must be given to those who directly prevent the epidemic, minimizing the risk of infection in these cases,` the Minister said.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health’s plan is to prioritize vaccination this time for medical staff at units directly treating Covid-19 patients, those working in tracing and testing…

Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long chaired the Covid-19 vaccination training conference on the morning of March 6.

Safety before, during and after vaccination is also top priority.

`This is a new vaccine, reactions may occur after vaccination. Even currently circulating vaccines cannot confirm 100% safety,` the Minister emphasized.

Because this is a new vaccine, Vietnam’s vaccination implementation method is very cautious.

Mr. Long requested all medical facilities to train and research to ensure safe vaccination.

The Minister recommended that medical staff be responsible for downloading the software designed by the Ministry of Health to serve vaccination optimally.

From this system, the health sector has been designing to ensure international connectivity (Covid-19 vaccine visa like some countries), managed by QR code.

`There will certainly be unwanted complications that occur after Covid-19 vaccination, but that does not slow down or shake confidence in the vaccine,` the Minister said.

In fact, with vaccination, many countries have had complications, including deaths, after Covid-19 vaccination.

Mr. Long said that in the world there are people participating in the anti-vaccine movement (opposing vaccines), but the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine are very clear, helping to protect yourself and the community.

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Moderna’s vaccine is over 94% effective, Pfizer’s is over 90% effective, AstraZeneca’s vaccine, the first shot is over 76% effective, and the second shot is 81%.

In the roadmap, in 2021, Vietnam will try to ensure full vaccination for 11 priority groups.

In 2021, the Ministry of Health mobilizes the entire health sector, in which 100% of public health facilities participate in organizing the largest vaccination campaign ever, with more than 100 million doses a year.

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