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Transformers 4 is full of advertising

Transformers 4 is full of advertising 4
Transformers 4 is full of advertising 4

As the most attractive blockbuster movie of this summer, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction has just brought in 100 million USD in revenue after less than three days of release in the domestic market.

Transformers is a series of works directed by Michael Bay – known as the king of explosions in Hollywood, with the first part released in theaters in 2007.  With a production budget ranging from 150-210 million USD per part, the previous series of films

For this reason, appearing in a movie, even for just 1-2 seconds, is always an advertising strategy that many brands are interested in.

Throughout the remainder of Transformers 4, a series of major world brands and local Chinese products continuously appear in the film.

The yellow Camaro in Transformers 4 is a Chevrolet model coming to market in 2015.

The world-famous women’s underwear brand Victoria’s Secret is also present with a frontal angle amidst the scene of fierce destruction.

Transformers 4 is full of advertising

The Victoria’s Secret branded bus appears in the movie.

This is not the first time Michael Bay has included advertising in his film work.

In addition to praise for its technical effects and stunning sales, the Transformers film series has to receive a lot of criticism for its excessive advertising techniques.

Transformers 4 is full of advertising

The Chevrolet sign appears in a battle scene between robots.

However, director Michael Bay does not seem to be bothered by this issue.

Meanwhile, Yili Group – the unit that produces Shuhua milk – emphasized that appearing in Bay’s blockbuster movie is a very good opportunity to promote and profit.

Too many products that need advertising also cause conflicts for the Transformers production unit.

“When introducing Transformers 4, all images, symbols, and recognizable details of our building were removed.

The contract officially ended on June 15 and Pangu Investment Co.

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