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Tom Cruise’s blockbuster has poor revenue at home

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Tom Cruise's blockbuster has poor revenue at home 1
Tom Cruise's blockbuster has poor revenue at home 1

After three days of opening (from June 6) in the domestic market, the movie Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise was announced to have a revenue of 29.1 million USD and was considered by The New York Times to be the end result.

In its opening weekend, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow only earned nearly 30 million USD in revenue even though the advertising budget was 3 times this amount.

Edge of Tomorrow has been praised by film critics, and giant Warner Bros – the production unit – is expected to `explode` the global box office this summer.

Sue Kroll – Director of Global Distribution and Marketing of Warner Bros expressed confidence in the promotional campaign and said that `we are taking very steady steps.`

However, the results the company wanted have not yet happened.

Edge of Tomorrow’s new rival appeared on June 6, The Fault in Our Stars, which grossed 48.2 million USD in the domestic market.

Instead of massive promotional campaigns, Fox said it mainly uses online social tools such as Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube to attract ticket buyers with a budget of about 12 million USD.

Before hitting theaters, The Fault in Our Stars hardly received much attention and there are opinions that a top 10 position in the sales chart can also be considered a success for this film.

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