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The world of lost suitcases in the US

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The world of lost suitcases in the US 3
The world of lost suitcases in the US 3

Located in Scottsboro, Alabama, USA, Unclaimed Baggage Center (UBC) welcomes about 1 million visitors each year to buy items.

And here are the interesting secrets of the `land of lost items`.

1. In 1970, Doyle Owens used $300 to buy a truck full of derelict suitcases to sell.

Most lost items are sold.

2. The stores at UBC have a special tradition: every day at 2:30 p.m., they will allow a customer to open a suitcase of lost luggage that has been brought to the center and explore its contents.

3. Every year, they buy tons of lost luggage.

4. Today, UBC is one of the top tourist destinations in Alabama and attracts millions of visitors each year.

5. The number of employees at the center is about 140 people.

6. In addition to luggage containing regular clothes, UBC also encountered many strange and attractive items hidden inside suitcases.

The world of lost suitcases in the US

Secondhand store at UBC.

7. One of the things they bought that made them feel the saddest was the jars of ashes.

8. UBC also found suitcases stuffed with frogs, cheese…9.

10. A man visiting Alabama visited UBC and bought his wife a pair of ski boots.

11. Not everything in unclaimed suitcases is sold by UBC.

The world of lost suitcases in the US

A portion of the store’s profits go to local charities.

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