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The people of Wuhan have not yet recovered from the pain of Covid-19

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The people of Wuhan have not yet recovered from the pain of Covid-19 2
The people of Wuhan have not yet recovered from the pain of Covid-19 2

Ms. Zhong Hanneng has not been able to eat and sleep well after her son’s death from Covid-19 nearly 10 months ago, while friends and relatives all avoided her family for fear of infection.

Some families who lost loved ones accused the Wuhan government of concealing the outbreak of the pandemic in December 2019, forcing doctors to stay silent and denying the possibility of the virus spreading from person to person.

Liu Pei’en clasped his hands and prayed before his father’s portrait at his home in Wuhan on November 24.

Liu Pei’en’s father, Mr. Liu Ouqing, 78 years old, a former Wuhan civil servant, developed Covid-19 symptoms after being hospitalized for a routine health check-up without knowing the disease was silently spreading quickly.

`It can be said that I also died on January 29,` Liu, 44, said in an interview on his father’s birthday at his house in central Wuhan city.

Liu spent much of 2020 in `madness`, using social media to express anger at the government’s response to the epidemic.

`I was extremely angry. I wanted revenge,` Liu said.

Frustrated and exhausted, Liu went to Buddha’s door.

Liu is currently on a journey to find `the objective truth of the universe`.

Nearly a year after the first Covid-19 cases were discovered in Wuhan, the Chinese government seems to be trying to avoid responsibility and change the world’s view on the origin of the pandemic.

`Even though China was the first country to report an infection, it does not mean that the virus originated in China,` Trieu Lap Kien said.

The country’s media also focuses on building the image of a strong and successful China in almost completely eliminating Covid-19 and bringing life back to normal.

However, Ms. Zhong, 67 years old, still believes that the Wuhan city government is at fault in the death of her son Peng Yi, a 39-year-old primary school teacher.

Ms. Zhong was among many Wuhan residents who filed a lawsuit against the city government but was dismissed by the court.

She was haunted by the image of her son dying alone in the intensive care room.

`I’m worried I’ll get depressed. I feel very angry and frustrated every day,` she said, as a bone-chilling rain poured down on the gray and gloomy city.

The people of Wuhan have not yet recovered from the pain of Covid-19

Ms. Zhong Hanneng holds a photo of her son who passed away due to Covid-19.

Wuhan is returning to normal, but fear of the virus remains, especially with winter approaching.

Fear of infection has caused a rift between her family and friends and relatives.

Dozens of families have joined social media groups to encourage each other and discuss legal possibilities.

The Wuhan government has not commented on this issue.

A 36-year-old Wuhan woman, who lost her father due to suspected Covid-19, said she wanted the world to know about the city’s initial `cover-up`.

`We didn’t know the epidemic was so serious,` she said.

Like Zhong, she was also shunned by friends and relatives, devastated by her loss and resentful of the city government.

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