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The motorbike caught fire but did not stop for fear of being robbed

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The motorbike caught fire but did not stop for fear of being robbed 16
The motorbike caught fire but did not stop for fear of being robbed 16

That is the sharing of reader Quoc Anh after reading the article about the girl who drove her car on fire for 200 meters on Pham Van Dong Street (HCMC) because she was afraid of robbery and did not believe passersby reporting the fire.

Sympathizing with the girl, reader Nguyen Ly shared about how he was tricked by a thief into setting his car on fire and losing one million dong at the gateway to Ho Chi Minh City (on the way from the West to Saigon).

`It happened at the end of last year, I was driving and suddenly a group of people kept running up and pointing at the car saying: `The car is on fire!

`At this time, a woman and a man in their 40s stopped and said: `Your car was on fire all this time, why didn’t you stop?

I replied: `Let me take it across the street instead.`

`Seeing that people serve me in person at such a reasonable price, I thought to myself, `You are a good person.` Three minutes later, three young men with dirty faces drove up and told me to replace my IC.`

`I gave him 100,000 VND and he was fine. Immediately this group of young men cursed: `What do you think, 100,000 VND?` I knew I had met evil people setting up a scene, so I gave them 350,000 VND to be at peace.

`I said I ran out of money, but they rummaged through my body and stole a million dong from me and left. So when I read the article and saw that this girl had a car fire but still ran, I understood that’s why she didn’t stop.`

And a reader with the nickname Cungban confided: `My wife came home from work from the Tropical Hospital through the Thu Thiem tunnel (Saigon) and encountered the same situation as Nguyen Ly shared. The only difference is that when my wife was aggressive, they

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However, many people believe that the girl was too cautious and careless.

`One time, I was walking on the road and saw a girl riding a bike entangled in the rope behind her. I drove up to tell her, but she turned her face away. I don’t know if the girl was hooked by the rope.

As for reader Dang Hai Lam, he said: `The other day, while driving on the street, I saw a girl wearing an ao dai riding a motorbike, with the hem of her shirt flapping right next to the rear wheel (about to get tangled). I had to rush to report to her.

`People keep saying that they are alert, that’s why, but I think their life skills are too low. If you’re a quick-witted person, you just need to look at the rearview mirror and you’ll know right away. If you don’t have a rearview mirror, you just need to

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Tran Hung compiled

The old man and three robbers held a knife and robbed him on the bridge

As soon as my sister finished giving directions, his face turned from tragic to cruel and shouted: `I have 4 children, I’m having a temper tantrum, if you’re smart, give me the money!`

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