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The magician predicted President Obama’s home visit

The magician predicted President Obama's home visit 0
The magician predicted President Obama's home visit 0

Magician John Dimo.

Mr. Obama is scheduled to travel to East Africa next week.

“The results all show that Mr. Obama will go to Kogelo.

Dimo said that he has made many accurate future predictions.

`Trust me.

Dimo’s prediction was made when people were eagerly waiting for Mr. Obama’s trip on July 24 to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the capital Nairobi.

More than 300 km north of Nairobi, Kogelo villagers also built a statue of Obama and renovated his father’s grave.

“The President will see that his homeland is very clean and beautiful.

Because his parents divorced early, Obama was not really close with his paternal relatives.

“We have prepared to welcome you.

The magician predicted President Obama's home visit

Mr. Obama met his grandmother Sarah Obama during his visit to Kenya in 2006. Photo: AFP

Governor Cornel Rasanga, who manages the area including Kogelo village, said everyone is ready to welcome if the president visits, and expressed his desire to provide capital support for four projects in the area, including the school.

Obama refused to visit Kenya during his trip to Africa in 2013, due to the International Criminal Court’s charges against President Uhuru Kenyatta related to election violence.

Over the years, the hometown of the US President’s biological father has changed dramatically with new roads, electricity and clean water systems.

Schools, organizations and charities have changed the lives of many Kenyans.

Willys Onyango, 27 years old, was at risk of unemployment without MSOF’s support.

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