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The island where you see tomorrow

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The island where you see tomorrow 2
The island where you see tomorrow 2

Located near the middle of the Bering Strait is the Diomede archipelago, including two islands, Big Diomede – Little Diomede (big island – small island).

Standing from Little Diomede island and looking at Big Diomede, you can see `tomorrow` and vice versa even though they are only about 3.8 km apart by sea.

The two islands are located only about 3.8 km apart but are almost a day apart.

This strange thing happens because one island is located in Russian territory, the other is owned by the US, so they have two different time zones.

While it’s a new day in Russia, it’s still yesterday in America.

In winter, when the weather is cold, the sea surface here will freeze, accidentally creating a bridge connecting the two islands and people can easily walk from America to Russia.

The island where you see tomorrow

In the village there is a school, church, helipad, clinic and Internet and telephone.

During the Cold War, Russia relocated all residents on Mai Mai Island to the mainland.

According to a US government investigation, more than 90% of the island’s population are indigenous people.

The island where you see tomorrow

In the cold winter, people from one island can go to the other island thanks to an ice bridge.

There are no paved roads, highways, railways or waterways on the island.

Directions to the Diomede islands:

From Alaska, the fastest way to get to the island is by helicopter.

Big Diomede has an area of about 29 square kilometers, uninhabited, and belongs to Russia.

Little Diomede is located in the United States, an area of 7.3 km2, in the state of Alaska.

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