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The former Man City defender was cleared of rape charges

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The former Man City defender was cleared of rape charges 4
The former Man City defender was cleared of rape charges 4

Mendy is accused of raping a 24-year-old woman in the bedroom of his home in Cheshire in October 2020.

Mendy has always maintained his innocence, and that the relationships that occurred were all consensual.

Mendy joined Man City for 67.5 million from Monaco in the summer of 2017 and became the most expensive defender in the world at that time.

Mendy was first arrested in November 2020, then released on bail.

Mendy burst into tears after leaving court, where he was acquitted.

Earlier this year, Mendy was found not guilty of sexually violating several women, but the jury could not reach a verdict on the two charges mentioned above.

At the retrial, prosecutors said the 28-year-old player organized parties and several gatherings at his private home, The Spinney, while still under contract with Man City.

According to the allegations, Mendy met a British student in a nightclub in Barcelona in 2017. This woman became close to a friend of Mendy’s, and arranged to visit him at Mendy’s home the following year.

Before the jury, Mendy recounted the incident that he offered to have sex, but the British girl refused because she liked Mendy’s friend.

Two years later, a woman was hanging out with friends at a bar near Mendy’s house when she was invited back to the player’s house.

Mendy told the jury the two had consensual sex and later exchanged details on Snapchat.

According to Sky Sports, Mendy shed tears when hearing the jury’s verdict.

Mendy’s acquittal received support from many football stars.

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