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Thanh Tam won the Arts Council award

Thanh Tam won the Arts Council award 2
Thanh Tam won the Arts Council award 2

Nguyen Dinh Thanh Tam opened the competition with two songs chosen very intelligently, suitable for his style and voice.

People’s Artist Thanh Hoa, sitting in the audience watching, had to exclaim: `Tam sings so well, he’s from the Southwest but sings ‘e’ in the North really well.`

Thanh Tam was happy to receive the Arts Council award.

With the Buddha with a thousand eyes and a thousand hands performing with the dance troupe, Thanh Tam also had to try to surpass the big shadow of Ho Quynh Huong before.

All three judges gave the Southern representative many compliments.

Compared to Tung Duong in Sao Mai rendezvous in 2004, Thanh Tam is not equal in his methodical vocal technique and singing voice.

The spectacular comeback of the outsider who overcame many professional music students to win the Arts Council award is a strong impression at this year’s Sao Mai rendezvous.

Thanh Tam won the Arts Council award

Le Viet Anh (far right) received the Audience Choice award.

The Audience Choice Award went to Le Viet Anh.

Both Phan Huyen Thu and Tung Duong said that Viet Anh must be stronger and dare to confront more, to be able to orient aesthetics for the audience, becoming a separate color instead of `sparkling with seven rainbow colors`.

The Audience Choice Award and the Arts Council both receive equal prize money, and are supported by VTV to produce music products.

Thanh Tam won the Arts Council award

Dong Hung received the Prospect award from judge Tung Duong.

It’s a pity that Dong Hung missed the Arts Council award and only took home the Prospect award.

Tung Duong shared that he was jealous because Dong Hung was favored by God for many things: his appearance, his powerful voice, and his ability to climb very well.

Responding to the advice and invitations, the University of Commerce student honestly shared that he had to complete his studies before considering moving to the South.

In addition to the three contestants’ competitions, the final gala also featured colorful performances from all 12 finalists, guest Kasim Hoang Vu – a singer who grew up from Sao Mai rendezvous in 2004, and the members themselves.

* Photo: Colors of the final night of Sao Mai rendezvous

Huy PhamPhoto: Dong Hieu

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