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‘Super’ commercial aircraft Dreamliner takes off

'Super' commercial aircraft Dreamliner takes off 2
'Super' commercial aircraft Dreamliner takes off 2

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has just completed its first 3-hour test flight from Everett to Seattle (USA).

`The plane performed exactly as we expected. It was fun to fly it,` said Randy Neville, one of the two test pilots.

15,000 people witnessed the launch of the Boeing 787. Photo: Boeing.

Immediately after this flight, the Dreamliner will enter 9 months of mandatory testing, including 6 flights around the world.

One of Boeing’s biggest successes is the design of the Dreamliner’s carbon and titanium alloy shell.

According to Howard Wheeldon, senior expert at BGC Partners, the American aircraft manufacturer’s new product is a revolutionary project that can bring big changes to the aviation industry:

`Boeing’s new product can completely change the face of flights because of what it brings to passengers. 80% of the components that make up the Dreamliner are materials that make the plane lighter, which means it burns

Boeing first introduced the 787 Dreamliner in July 2007 as the US aviation giant’s first design since 1995. Analysts say the company spent more than 10 billion

The above delay is considered a big disadvantage for Boeing when their rival Airbus has won many orders for the A380 (which made its first commercial flight in 2007).

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a quite special design with a body length and wingspan of 63 m.

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