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Suffering from ‘ear torture’ on Tet holiday

Avatar of Nick John By Nick John Dec7,2023 #Suffering #torture
Suffering from 'ear torture' on Tet holiday 11
Suffering from 'ear torture' on Tet holiday 11

Frustrated by the situation of playing loud music and singing karaoke every Tet and spring, many VnExpress readers shared their own suffering due to noise pollution:

My place doesn’t feel much better, at the end of the year people still gather after working far away, still drinking and singing loudly all day.

When I’m writing this comment, everyone is still playing spring music with amplifiers, I agree it’s Tet, but some people like to listen to music, others don’t, playing genres of music that others don’t like, and it’s also a day.

Last night, the houses at the end of the alley sang until after 11pm, my house at the end of the alley could not stand listening, even though all the doors were closed and I was the leader of the neighborhood group.

Every day I have to endure very loud music from my neighbor’s house, so much so that the door and walls of the house vibrate.

It is proposed to ban all families and businesses doing business at the end of the year from occupying a section of the road to set up theaters to party and sing.

In my neighborhood, two families compete in singing karaoke. One day one family sings and the next day the other house sings.

Nowadays, every house has a candy bar speaker. When you drink, you sing loudly. You don’t know where to go to escape.

Because of the noise, I had to sell my house and move from Go Vap to Nha Be.

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