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Stuck in fear in Wuhan

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Stuck in fear in Wuhan 3
Stuck in fear in Wuhan 3

`We want to go back. We can’t stand anymore,` said Gaurab Pokhrel, a Nepalese international student among the 200 people from this country who have not been evacuated from Wuhan.

There were 27 foreigners in China infected with Covid-19 earlier this week, 22 of whom are being quarantined.

Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, central China, is where Covid-19 originated.

An employee at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport wearing protective gear prepares documents for the evacuation flight of European Union (EU) citizens on February 1.

Ruqia Shaikh, a Pakistani graduate student stuck at Wuhan Central South University of Economics and Law, said most students at the school were confined to dormitories and could only watch TV.

`We are tired of eating the same food, rice and boiled vegetables. Our only physical activity is walking on the terrace, but even that puts us at risk,` Shaikh said.

`Last week I went to Walmart. It was the first time I’d been out of the house in weeks. It was scary. Since I’ve been out, I’ve been counting the days until I’m sure I don’t have the virus,` she said.

Shaikh added that many Pakistani students in Wuhan want to escape, but returning home also means other risks.

Unlike many countries, Islamabad still maintains flights to and from many Chinese cities.

Yemen also has no plans to evacuate 115 citizens in the Wuhan epidemic center.

A 23-year-old Yemeni student at Huazhong University of Science and Technology said students at the school were living in `terror for fear of infection`.

Bangladesh last week evacuated 312 people, mostly students, and is planning a second flight with 171 citizens.

`None of the crew wants to go there. The crews that go there don’t want to go anymore,` Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen┬ásaid last weekend.

France still has about a group of 30-50 people stuck in Wuhan after deploying three flights to bring citizens home.

China imposed a blockade on Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, from January 23.

Edwin Reese, an Australian, said his wife is studying in Wuhan.

Stuck in fear in Wuhan

Countries with patients infected with corona virus.

Mai Lam (According to AFP)

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