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Strange adult customs around the world

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Strange adult customs around the world 2
Strange adult customs around the world 2

Below are some unique, one-of-a-kind adult customs throughout the four directions.


Papuan boys have to lie on hot rocks during the coming of age ceremony.

The coming of age ritual of the Papuan tribe, Indonesia is considered quite cruel.


During the Coming of Age Ceremony, girls in Leiundu, Namibia are not allowed to wear clothes and run around in the wind and rain.

In addition, another coming of age ritual is to lock girls in a room and wrap themselves in sheep’s wool.


Girls from the Satat and Togo ethnic groups, when holding their coming-of-age ceremony, must make a deep cut into the skin of their abdomen to mark that they have gone through the most difficult hurdle of their lives.

Strange adult customs around the world

Ritual incision of the body to mark maturity.


A young girl from the Jikea ethnic group in Tanzania who has her first period must live with her grandmother for three to five months to learn how to be a wife and is not allowed to go out.


When girls in Zambia reach adolescence, they must hold a coming of age ceremony.

The quarantine period is about two weeks, the longest is 10 months.


Paraguayan boys up to the age of 14 must participate in the coming of age ceremony, also known as the `initiation ceremony`.

Until the age of 13, girls must hide in their room and use a barrier to separate them, not going out for one to three weeks.

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