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Six hours of deadly brawl at the India-China border

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Six hours of deadly brawl at the India-China border 3
Six hours of deadly brawl at the India-China border 3

As the sun set over the Himalayas on the afternoon of June 15, Colonel Santosh Babu, commander of the 16th Bihar battalion of the Indian army, led 50 unarmed soldiers under his command to begin a patrol through the Galwan valley, locality.

However, Colonel Babu’s patrol team was surprised to discover field tents with 100 Chinese soldiers at a location named Patrol Landmark No. 14 (PP-14).

Satellite photos taken by Planet Labs on June 16 at the clash area in Galwan show two clusters of tents and many trucks lined up along a pass in high mountain terrain.

Satellite image of the Galwan River valley area, June 16.

Despite being outnumbered, Indian soldiers still decided to rush forward to ask the Chinese troops to withdraw and at the same time demolish their tents.

`They beat our soldiers with iron sticks wrapped in barbed wire or bamboo sticks with nails attached. Our soldiers just fought back with their bare hands,` a senior Indian army official told the BBC.

The fight took place on a narrow cliff, in the dark of night, at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters above sea level.

A senior Indian government official said that Chinese soldiers, with the advantage of numbers and homemade weapons, pursued Indian soldiers.

20 Indian soldiers died in the clash.

Six hours of deadly brawl at the India-China border

Indian military vehicles on the way to Leh town, Ladakh region, June 17.

The scuffle did not stop there, as both sides called for reinforcements.

Indian Army sources said the death toll could rise as 110 soldiers were seriously injured and many were still missing.

The Indian army said 34-43 Chinese soldiers were killed in the clash, based on communications signals they intercepted.

Zhao Lijian, spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, accused Indian soldiers of crossing the border and attacking Chinese soldiers.

This is the first deadly clash in the 3,488 km border area between the two countries, after China ambushed and shot dead four Indian soldiers at Tulung La, Arunachal Pradesh in 1975.

Previously, Chinese soldiers crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on May 5-6 and were stationed at four locations with a total area of more than 60 square kilometers including Pangong Tso Lake, Galwan River, Hot Springs (Kyam) and

Six hours of deadly brawl at the India-China border

Location of Indian and Chinese soldiers’ deadly brawl on the evening of June 15.

China and India on June 17 tried to reduce tensions in the border area.

Previously, Prime Minister Narendra Modi denied the possibility of retaliation for the deaths of Indian soldiers.

China continued to send more soldiers, armored vehicles and fighters from bases in Tibet near the LAC both before and after the June 15 scuffle.

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