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Sharapova retires

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Sharapova retires 1
Sharapova retires 1

`Tennis showed me the world and also showed me my own qualities,` Maria Sharapova wrote on Instagram.

Sharapova once held the world number one position for 21 weeks.

The status line on Instagram is also the conclusion of the 32-year-old tennis player’s retirement announcement letter, published in Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines.

Sharapova began her brilliant era at the age of 17, after the 2004 Wimbledon final, where she defeated Serena Williams in two sets.

After being discovered to be using doping in 2016, Sharapova had to stay away from the court for 15 months and was absent from the WTA scoreboard.

At the end of 2019, when she lost form due to injury, `Masha` remained optimistic and said that she did not want to end her career with consecutive losses.

`I have devoted myself to tennis and this sport has also given me a life,` Sharapova’s letter on February 26 read.

Sharapova retires

Sharapova was shocked when she won Wimbledon at the age of 17. Photo: AP.

Sharapova is the image ambassador of no less than 30 brands around the world.

`When I look back, I realize that tennis is a mountain to me,` she wrote.

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