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Russian doctor collapsed on the front line against Covid-19

Russian doctor collapsed on the front line against Covid-19 2
Russian doctor collapsed on the front line against Covid-19 2

On the day of discovering that a patient had died positive for nCoV, Kuvatova hospital in the Russian city of Ufa, where Kamalova worked, still received more than 50 people for treatment according to the previous plan.

A few days later, Kamalova had a fever, but had to continue working.

Medical staff move a Covid-19 patient at a hospital in Moscow, Russia, on April 28.

Russia is praising medical workers as heroes, putting their images on public signs, glorifying their stories on television.

A website memorializing medical workers who died during the pandemic in Russia lists the names of more than 180 doctors and nurses.

The pandemic also attacked doctors and nurses in other Western countries, but the death rate of medical staff in Russia is still considered high if considered compared to the total number of deaths from nCoV nationwide.

`I only know a few colleagues who have not been infected with the virus,` said Evgeny Zeltyn, a cardiologist in Moscow, adding that he was lucky to faint from a 39-degree fever while in the hospital, so he was treated quickly.

The risk from chaos in the fight against Covid-19 in Russia is also shown through the fire at St.

Russia is said to be one of the countries that reacted aggressively to the pandemic early, closing its long border with China in January.

However, behind the scenes, local officials disagreed with this statement, as the health system was not fully equipped to cope with the pandemic, despite two months of preparation.

The 24-page document also shows that in addition to supply shortages, confusion also covers local officials because they do not clearly understand what to do to prevent nCoV from spreading.

Delays in receiving nCoV test results are also reflected in documents by localities.

Doctors say they not only lack medical equipment and protective gear, but are also under pressure from a rigid top-down management system that hinders independent and proactive thinking.

The above factors are believed to have caused an outbreak at Kuvatova hospital in Ufa city, Bashkortostan region, turning this place into one of the most serious epidemic clusters in the country.

Russian doctor collapsed on the front line against Covid-19

The scene of the fire at St.

Bashkortostan regional health authorities are investigating reports of pneumonia cases at Kuvatova hospital.

Meanwhile, the Russian government emphasized that it was well prepared for the pandemic, stockpiling a large number of hospital beds and ventilators, and detecting many asymptomatic cases of nCoV infection thanks to widespread testing.

After several days of quarantine, doctors and nurses began to fall ill, according to interviews with five anonymous people present at the Kuvatova hospital during the facility’s lockdown.

Staff from other clinics in the area came to help and were quickly trained on how to handle nCoV.

`People are not aware of how bad the situation can become when they don’t know what to do to solve the problem,` said an anonymous medical worker, referring to being infected with nCoV while working.

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