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Rules of housekeeping staff

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Rules of housekeeping staff 5
Rules of housekeeping staff 5

Helping guests feel comfortable and want to stay longer is a top priority in the hotel industry.

Law entered the rented living room

Housekeepers must have certain working hours so as not to cause inconvenience to guests.

In case there is no response from the tenant continuously for 24 hours and the door is locked from the inside, the cleaning staff must notify the manager.

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The service attitude and professionalism of the housekeeper’s work make an important contribution to the success of each hotel.

Housekeeping rules

The main task of room service is to clean the floor, dust and dirt on tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, windows and bathrooms.

Housekeepers are also allowed to use safe disinfectants to clean floors and toilets.

Rules for accepting gifts and tips

To minimize luggage theft, most hotels have regulations on accepting gifts and tips from guests.

Service staff must also return all items left behind after the room is returned, in case the guest forgets and comes back to look for them.

Room service can receive a tip of 1 – 5 USD for a cleaning session based on the willingness of the guest and must absolutely avoid forcing or suggesting to receive this money.


Employees in the hotel industry are always required to be highly professional, in order to create satisfaction with tourists.

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