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Rely on doctors across continents to escape Covid-19

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Rely on doctors across continents to escape Covid-19 2
Rely on doctors across continents to escape Covid-19 2

Anup Katyal, an intensive care unit doctor in Missouri, finally has time to rest after treating hundreds of Covid-19 patients because the epidemic situation in the US has improved.

Since then, every morning he wakes up and reads messages from 20 relatives, friends and doctors in India asking for medical advice.

Anup Katyal, an Indian-origin doctor at St.

The new wave of Covid-19 in India has devastated the country’s health system, with thousands of people dying while waiting for hospital beds or medical oxygen.

`The situation is so dire that facilities are ‘collapsing,’` said Achintya Moulick, the Indian-born chief executive of CarePoint Health, a hospital chain in New Jersey, who has been in contact with hospital leaders.

Doctors in the Indian diaspora are trying to fill this gap remotely through organized and informal channels.

These efforts may not have had a major impact on India’s terrible crisis, but they have helped thousands of desperate families.

Katyal came to America in 1993 after completing her studies in India.

`When we have time off here, it’s unbearable to see what’s going on in India,` said Katyal, 54.

He happened to see a post on Facebook advertising a free telemedicine platform organized by the Indian American Physicians Association, to connect volunteer doctors abroad with high-risk nCoV-infected patients.

Over the course of several weeks, Katyal communicated with Garg’s family on the platform and through email and WhatsApp.

The family’s nightmare began on what should have been a happy day, when their second son was born.

Within a few days, the girl’s parents-in-law, husband and 4-year-old son were all infected with nCoV.

Finding a doctor to guide recovery was a challenge.

`Everyone is overloaded and experienced doctors rarely have free time,` the husband said.

In the early days of his coronavirus infection, the father-in-law followed conflicting advice from friends and other non-doctors, who shared tips from how they personally fought Covid-19.

Indian doctors have very little time to have in-depth conversations with patients’ families about the best follow-up and care.

Saiyed has seen the benefits of relaxing licensing rules so doctors in his hospital can consult across state lines in the US.

Some doctors `are reluctantly violating rules and regulations. They hope the government will not pursue them because it is an emergency situation,` Saiyed said.

Rely on doctors across continents to escape Covid-19

Katyal watches CT scans of Covid-19 patients in India.

Katyal cannot prescribe medicine for Garg’s family.

During their fourth Zoom session earlier this month, Jatin Garg, a family member who lives in Texas, updated Katyal on the Gards’ status in New Delhi.

Katyal pays attention to the patient’s breathing and speech, asking about oxygen levels and fever duration.

Online consultation sessions start with volunteer doctors and patients logging onto Zoom, before organizers connect people who speak the same language together and let them chat privately.

Sudhakar Jonnalagadda, president of the Indian American doctors’ group, said volunteers like Katyal are trying to relieve pressure on hospitals.

`Most patients have mild illness. They are afraid they are going to die,` Jonnalagadda said.

On Thursday’s Zoom session, Jatin Garg’s younger brother appeared on Zoom without oxygen, refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

`I really want to ask this question: Is my father out of danger?`, asked Jatin Garg.

`With Covid-19, I will be very frank: If someone says they can predict accurately then they are not telling the truth,` Katyal replied.

His answer came true.

Although the patient looked fine, Katyal feared his condition could worsen quickly and urged him to go to the hospital so he could receive remdesivir, a drug that shortens recovery time.

The treatment is effective.

`Imagine going to the doctor’s office and the doctor just steps out of the examination room for a few minutes and doesn’t answer any of your questions,` Jatin Garg said.

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