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Reluctantly studying abroad online

Reluctantly studying abroad online 9
Reluctantly studying abroad online 9

Online lessons last until 24 hours at night.

In English class, Thao and her friends were supposed to visit the school and city, but now, she can only `picnic` via video and do group exercises.

After 4 hours of continuous online learning, 24 hours a night, Thao did not fold the computer and lay down on the floor.

Thao’s dream of studying abroad was formed in 9th grade. The female student passed the English class at a specialized school with the determination to win a scholarship to study abroad.

After many months of research, her mother decided to choose Manitoba International University – Canada for Thao, because of its `moderate tuition`, more than 20,000 USD a year, and the ability to get a job and settle down `easier than many other countries`.

6 months ago, my mother found a place to live, bought a plane ticket and paid the entire first year tuition.

Covid-19 suddenly broke out.

For me, studying abroad is not just about learning knowledge at school but `learning how to live independently, exploring and experiencing the culture of the native people`.

Many international students asked the school to pay part of their tuition, but they were not accepted.

Le Hoang Hao.

Also informed of online study at the end of the first semester, from September to the end of December, Le Hoang Hao, 18 years old, living in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, considered giving up the 10,000 CAD scholarship (about 170 million VND) from the University.

Hao shared that he does not want to study online because this form of learning is not worth the tuition fee.

If he accepts online learning for the first semester just to reserve a place, Hao believes that it is an unwise decision because no one knows what the epidemic situation will be like or whether he will continue to have to study online in the next semesters or not.

After pondering, Hao leaned towards studying his first year of university in Vietnam, giving up his scholarship and paid fees.

Luckier than Thao and Hao, Phan Thi Thuy An, 24 years old, from Lam Dong, preparing to study postgraduate training course at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada, is still selected.

If she stays in Vietnam and studies online, An can save significantly on food and accommodation costs for more than four months in Canada.

Reluctantly studying abroad online

Phan Thi Thuy An in the university graduation yearbook photo session.

However, if he does not come to Canada from August, An will not have enough two years to live here.

Most new students enroll in university in late August and early September. Particularly in Canada, where there are about 21,000 Vietnamese international students, students can enroll in January, May or September.

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