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Private journalism re-emerges in Myanmar

Private journalism re-emerges in Myanmar 2
Private journalism re-emerges in Myanmar 2

The private press has returned to Myanmar after nearly 50 years of absence.

`We have been waiting for this day for half a century,` said Khin Maung Lay, Editor-in-Chief of Golden Fresh Land.

4 private newspapers have been allowed to publish in Myanmar since the beginning of April. Photo: Sina

Khin Maung Win – Deputy Director of Democratic Voice of Burma – a non-governmental media organization based in Norway said: `Of course, this is far from perfect. But just compare it with the times of

Myanmar’s press was thoroughly interfered with after the 1962 military coup. Newspapers had to close or come under state control, starting in 1964.

Myanmar’s dependence on print newspapers reminds the world of the time before the Internet.

However, the Internet penetration rate in Myanmar is only 1% and home internet connection is considered a luxury in urban areas.

Private journalism re-emerges in Myanmar

For half a century now, Myanmar people have only had access to one newspaper.

D-Wave is also one of the newspapers allowed to publish this time.

Journalists in Myanmar are urging the Government to more strongly liberalize the media industry, said Win Tin – a consultant for D-Wave and veteran spokesman for the NLD.

Information censorship was officially removed last August and in December, Myanmar also announced that it would license private press from April 1 this year.

They also allowed two foreign media agencies, NHK (Japan) and AP (USA), to open branches in Yangon earlier this month.

Telecommunications is also a lucrative industry when many big names in the world are bidding for two business licenses here.

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