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People with a ‘village lifestyle’ should not live in an apartment

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People with a 'village lifestyle' should not live in an apartment 18
People with a 'village lifestyle' should not live in an apartment 18

After the article `After a year of renting a luxury apartment, I decided not to buy an apartment`, VnExpress received hundreds of comments from readers expressing their opinions about this type of housing:

Many readers wonder whether the apartment the author is living in is a luxury apartment, or is it labeled high-end?

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Le Huy said: `The apartment is 50m2, 46 floors high and has 4 computers. In my opinion, it is more like social housing.`

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Reader Na Dien, after hearing the description, gives the following standards to call it a luxury apartment:

1. High-end apartments do not allow renting as a transaction office, only for residential use.

2. High-end apartments always have good elevator rates, usually you never have to wait for the elevator for more than 3 minutes.

3. High-end apartments must have moderate population density and a large garden ratio.

Regarding the issue of cultural behavior when moving into an apartment, many readers believe that people living in townhouses are familiar with `village culture`, so when moving to an apartment, they will be confused and unable to live.

A reader with the nick name Avntbc Avntbc shares: `Right now I’m bored in the apartment. The neighbors are all retired people with a lot of free time, so they like to pry. My girlfriend stayed one night and in the morning the whole floor was talking.`

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Reader Thao Nguyen: `I don’t understand why people with money like to live in apartments? In 2012, I bought a four-level house of 40 square meters, priced at 600 million VND. After 3 years, I upgraded to one house, and the whole family was four.

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Faced with the choice between a house on the ground and an apartment, many people still choose a house on the ground:

Reader Hieu Tran Van: `Vietnam’s lifestyle is very different from other countries, work is not the same, and apartments are only for people with slightly unusual personalities, not suitable for relaxation, not being active, not good for contemplation.`

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