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People of Zhengzhou desperately search for relatives after ‘cataclysm’

People of Zhengzhou desperately search for relatives after 'cataclysm' 3
People of Zhengzhou desperately search for relatives after 'cataclysm' 3

`The water came very quickly,` Ms. Chen Shuying recounted the historic flood on July 20 in Zhengzhou city, capital of Henan province, China.

On July 24, the Henan provincial government officially reported that 58 people died and 5 people were missing in the `once in a thousand years` flood in Zhengzhou and surrounding areas.

The flood affected more than 5 million people, forced about 815,000 people to evacuate and placed 1.1 million people in need of resettlement.

People in Zhengzhou waded through flooded areas on July 22, and were guided to safety by rescue forces.

Yan Yichen, 12 years old, is one of the names appearing on the list to find missing relatives published on July 23 in the local newspaper.

According to local residents, there are still many unconfirmed missing cases in the suburbs of Zhengzhou, such as three of Ms. Chen Shuying’s neighbors.

`By the time we realized the flood was coming, it was too late. This was the first time I saw such a big flood,` a man surnamed Zhang shared.

Liu Dan, from Zhengzhou, said she also had no news from her husband since the flood hit.

`At 5:10 p.m., he even texted me to ask how my mother and I were doing. I replied that everything was fine, but after that there was no response. I also couldn’t call his phone anymore. We just knew

People of Zhengzhou desperately search for relatives after 'cataclysm'

Serious landslides in Mi Ha, Gong Nghia district near Zhengzhou after last week’s flood.

Some areas in Ha Nam are still isolated.

Many people in the area in distress had to ask for help via social networks.

Meanwhile, Chinese media confirmed that local authorities restored electricity to Zhengzhou on July 24 and planned to `basically restore` the city’s clean water system the next day.

Chen Shuailin, 21 years old, living in a village near Gong Nghia, said that the whole area had lost electricity since July 20, so everyone had to cook with gas and coal.

Gong Nghia is considered the place that suffered the most serious damage in the recent flood, with rainfall from the night of July 19 to the afternoon of July 20 reaching 609 mm.

People of Zhengzhou desperately search for relatives after 'cataclysm'

Many areas in Zhengzhou and surrounding areas were submerged in floodwaters last week.

Liu Ruibin, deputy secretary of Mehe town, said rescuers had opened roads to 12 villages in the area.

The flood situation in Ha Nam continues to become complicated.

Xinhua on July 24 said the water level entering people’s houses in some localities was chest high.

`The flood water continues to rise. We have tried our best to prevent the water from overflowing. If this situation continues, we really don’t know what to do. We can only wait for someone to come rescue us,` said Meimei, a woman.

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