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Pedri won the 2021 Golden Boy award

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Pedri won the 2021 Golden Boy award 2
Pedri won the 2021 Golden Boy award 2

Besides Pedri Gonzalez, this year, the list of 20 candidates competing for the annual award organized by Italian newspaper Tuttosport also has many other bright faces.

But no one impressed the jury members as much as Pedri.

Pedrid was the big discovery of European football last season.

Pedri won the 2021 Golden Boy award

`Of the 40 sports journalists from the most prestigious newspapers on the continent invited to vote, 24 people chose Pedri in first place, 9 people chose him in second place and 3 people chose him for second place.

Pedri was a discovery of Barca and Spanish football last season.

That top form was continued by Pedri when he and Spain participated in Euro 2021. Not only did he break a series of youth records on this playground, the 18-year-old midfielder also impressed with his physical foundation and ability.

The Golden Boy was born in 2003, to honor the best U21 players playing football in Europe, and is considered the most prestigious award in the world for players of this age group.

Pedri is expected to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors who became world-class stars.

Nhat Tao (according to Tuttosports)

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