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Overcoming adversity, Bayern Munich won the Champions League

Overcoming adversity, Bayern Munich won the Champions League 4
Overcoming adversity, Bayern Munich won the Champions League 4

*Watch the clip of Dortmund’s first shot.*Watch the clip of Bender curling the ball in Bayern’s penalty area.*Watch the clip of Neuer brilliantly saving Bayern.*Watch the clip of Lewandowski finishing from 25m.*Watch the clip of Mandzukic almost opening the score

*Watch the clip of Bayern lifting the Champions League trophy.

In life there are mysterious things, or perhaps coincidences, that cause people to explain in a general, vague and abstract way.


Bayern deserved this year’s championship, even though they didn’t always play like themselves in the final.

Yesterday there were also times when cruel fate seemed to tease Robben and his team, when they played not too dominantly compared to Dortmund and many times had to live in fear of their opponents’ attacks.

This is the 5th time in history that Bayern has won the C1/Champions League championship, fewer than only Real Madrid (9 times) and AC Milan (7 times).

Going into last night’s match, Bayern was rated higher than Dortmund.

However, it was that superior position that caused many Bayern players to be `stuck` psychologically, especially in the early part of the match – where they created the burning feeling of a ball’s heart and the accuracy of a player.

In the first 35 minutes or so, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer even had to save five times for Bayern.

Overcoming adversity, Bayern Munich won the Champions League

Dortmund can still hold its head high despite last night’s defeat.

Having died several times, Bayern woke up and gradually consolidated their position.

After the break, Bayern understood that they could not let a similar situation happen, otherwise the consequences would be unpredictable.

The turning point of the match appeared in the 60th minute, when Robben escaped into the penalty area to catch a pass from Franck Ribery.

But the joy was short-lived, just 7 minutes later the gap was filled by Dortmund.

Overcoming adversity, Bayern Munich won the Champions League

Robben (red) had the decisive say in yesterday’s match.

In the following minutes, the drama was pushed to a climax, when both teams created opportunities to put themselves in history.

Dortmund’s goal then continued to suffer other waves from David Alaba and Bastian Schweinsteiger… But it wasn’t until the 89th minute, when the idea of extra time began to take shape, that Robben spoke up.

That was Robben’s only successful goal after 24 shots in his own three Champions League finals.

Not far from them, the country team was confused and sobbing in tears.


Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller, Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer, Bender (Sahin 90+1), Gundogan, Blaszczykowski (Schieber 90+1), Reus, Grosskreutz, Lewandowski.

Yellow card: Grosskreutz

Goal: Gundogan 67 (pen).

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Dante, Alaba, Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Muller, Ribery (Gustavo 90+1), Mandzukic (Gomez 90+4).

Yellow card: Date, Ribery

Goals: Mandzukic 60, Robben 89.

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