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Obama had dinner with relatives in Kenya

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Obama had dinner with relatives in Kenya 0
Obama had dinner with relatives in Kenya 0

Mr. Obama had dinner with relatives in Nairobi.

Mr. Obama is on his fourth trip to Kenya but his first as US president.

This sister was also one of the first relatives to greet President Obama when he stepped off Air Force One and landed at Jobo Kenyatta International Airport last night.

Due to his busy schedule, Mr. Obama will not visit Kogelo, the village where his father was born and buried.

The last time Mr. Obama visited Kogelo was in 2006 when the politician went to Kenya as a US senator.

Obama had dinner with relatives in Kenya

T-shirts with Mr. Obama’s image printed on them are sold in Kibera slum, near Nairobi city.

According to George Obama, half-brother of the US president, Kogelo villagers eagerly waited and prepared everything to welcome Mr. Obama.

`Villagers complained because they hoped to meet him but the president’s work schedule is too tight,` Telegraph quoted George as saying.

The people of Kogelo village admitted they were disappointed that the White House boss did not have time to come and meet them.

`Very disappointed. We want our son to visit his ancestral homeland and visit his grandmother. If so, we will be the happiest people in the world,` Richard Okello, a resident of Kogelo village, shared.

Another resident named Sylvans Oiyengo hopes Mr. Obama has two hours for his family in Kogelo village and one hour for them.

`We just need a word from him,` Oiyengo said.

Previously, to welcome President Obama, the city of Nairobi was decorated with American and Kenyan flags, and signs with the phrase welcoming the American president `home`.

Obama had dinner with relatives in Kenya

George Obama, half-brother of President Obama.

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