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North Korean women long to return to their homeland

North Korean women long to return to their homeland 0
North Korean women long to return to their homeland 0

Kim Ryon Hui is stuck in South Korea with no idea when he will return to his homeland.

Kim Ryon Hui used to be a tailor in Pyongyang but is now stuck in South Korea with no idea when he will be able to return to his homeland.

Before leaving North Korea in 2011, Kim had a relatively prosperous life compared to the general level in North Korea.

Four years ago, Kim went to China to visit relatives and treat liver disease.

But when he arrived in China, Kim learned that he did not have enough medical expenses.

`Having to be treated in that situation is a burden for me. I can’t ask relatives to borrow money,` she said.

After that, Kim went to work for a restaurant in Shenyang city, but her meager salary was not enough for her to pay for medical treatment.

`A broker told me that many Chinese people went to Korea and made a lot of money. His neighbor also went to Korea for two months,` she said.

Crossing the border to Korea

Now for Kim, it was an extremely foolish decision.

She was taken with a group of defectors to South Korea, but before arriving, she had second thoughts.

`I told them I didn’t know that and wanted to run away. But the broker took my passport and didn’t return it,` Kim said.

As soon as he arrived in South Korea, Kim began demanding to be sent back to North Korea.

No way back

North Korean women long to return to their homeland

Ms. Kim listened to the messages of her husband and children back home via video.

To be released from a South Korean immigration center, Kim must sign a document pledging to obey the law and become a citizen of the country.

She then tried to find the trafficker again, calling the North Korean embassy in Shenyang multiple times, and even using a method she now considers stupid.

So after surrendering to the police, Kim was sentenced to two years in prison for using a fake passport and espionage.

`I made the wrong choice. My desire to make money to cure my illness pushed me into the worst situation of my life. I feel very regretful and sorry for causing pain to my parents, husband and daughter.`

Kim is now stuck in Korea working as a machine operator in a recycling factory with no other options.

`I live in Daegu and continue to receive regular treatment at the hospital,` she said.

Although her health has improved, for her, the mental pain is unbearable.

Messages cross borders

In Pyongyang, Ri Gyon Gum, Kim’s daughter, is now 21 years old.

`Why? Why can’t my mother come home?`, Ri asked while crying.

Kim’s husband, Mr. Ri Gum Ryong, cried while recording a message for his wife.

`To my wife in Korea, don’t forget that here you have parents, husband and daughter. Let’s fight to the end,` he said.

In Korea, Kim hugged her face and cried while watching a video of her husband and children.

`Why did this happen? What should I do now?`, she cried.

North Korean women long to return to their homeland

Ms. Kim’s husband and children cried when watching the video she filmed in Korea.

Kim also recorded a tearful apology to her family, telling them that the doctors were taking good care of her, that she would never forget them or North Korea, and promised to do everything.

`I will return. I will return at some point. Please wait until I return,` she said.

According to South Korea’s Unification Ministry, the law does not allow them to help Kim’s family reunite.

When watching the video of her mother’s apology, Kim’s daughter also shed tears like her mother.

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