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Nine years from banker to director

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Nine years from banker to director 14
Nine years from banker to director 14

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In 2009, while still sitting at the Banking Academy, I took on the position of class president of the talented class (the `elite` class of the Academy, where the 50 students with the highest university entrance exam scores out of 3,000 students gathered).

Thanks to this saying, when participating in recruitment competitions in 2011, I submitted my CV to all banks in Hanoi.

`Wet foot in the door` transferred to another bank, I was immediately appointed to the position of department head, managing 1/2 of the personal customer department (KHCN).

Talking about the intensity of my work here, many of you who cannot stand the pressure will not be able to imagine.

I worked hard but wasn’t smart, something anyone who wants to achieve their dream of becoming a department manager must have.

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At the end of 2015, I interviewed at another bank.

During nearly 10 years of working in the banking industry, there was an example of a director that I greatly admired.

Many of my first colleagues in the past are now department managers or branch managers.

I still remember the day before, someone judged me to be too gentle and unable to speak to the staff.

I remember there is a saying `Being a manager or being an employee, I don’t know who is happier`.

Wishing those who read my articles to be successful in work and life.

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