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Musk-backed AI is more dangerous than deepfake

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Musk-backed AI is more dangerous than deepfake 1
Musk-backed AI is more dangerous than deepfake 1

In 2017, a few months before his death, physics genius Stephen Hawking described the emergence of AI as `the worst thing in the history of human civilization`.

AI systems are increasingly intelligent.

GPT-3 is a language model that uses deep learning to create highly reliable text.

According to a recent announcement, GPT-3 can compose content naturally like a writer.

The first GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) was launched in 2018, using a general language model consisting of two neural networks competing to improve each other.

GPT-3 is the third generation, launched last May and officially available as an application programming interface (API) for developers at the end of July. The system uses a database with

GPT-3 is 115 times more powerful than GPT-2, meaning it is smarter and capable of generating text just like humans.

`Historically, natural language simulation systems have lacked expressive nuance,` says Carolyn Rose, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute of Language Technology.

OpenAI wants to commercialize GPT-3 later this year to build chatbots for automated response systems.

GPT-3 is currently highly appreciated by experts.

However, scientists also consider it a potential threat.

Unlike deepfake videos that are easily exposed, experts call `textfake` – fake content created by AI in text form – much more dangerous, because it is difficult to detect forgery.

Besides, AI tools like GPT-3 also pose new challenges for social media companies in content moderation.

`What if lies are created, spread and commented entirely by algorithms? Are they responsible for these things?`, asked one expert.

Hawking once said that given the threat of AI, humans `need to be aware of the dangers, adopt the best possible practices and management methods, and prepare in advance for its consequences.`

According to the Telegraph, it is time for new sanctions in areas that can threaten human life.

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