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Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton `dueled` in battleground states

Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton `dueled` in battleground states 0
Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton `dueled` in battleground states 0

(Dan Tri) – With only a few days left until the official election, the two US presidential candidates are dedicating their efforts to a sprint campaign in battleground states including Florida.

Two US presidential candidates.

In recent days, both Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump have focused their efforts on campaigning in battleground states such as Florida and North Carolina.

Florida is considered one of the few most fiercely competitive battleground states because voters here can fluctuate between the Republican and Democratic parties.

Mr. Trump campaigned in the battleground state of Florida

Yesterday morning, Mr. Trump had a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida.

Also yesterday, Mrs. Clinton had a campaign rally in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

For her part, Mrs. Clinton adjusted her speech to make it shorter.

Mrs. Clinton lost her voice while campaigning in the rain in Florida

In North Carolina, Mr. Trump campaigned with his wife, Melania.

After North Carolina, Mr. Trump plans to campaign in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia and possibly Minnesota.

Mrs. Clinton is expected to continue campaigning in Philadelphia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

While Mr. Trump favors large-scale election campaigns that attract a large number of voters, Mrs. Clinton deploys campaigns with tactics focusing on each specific segment of voters.

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