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Morata and his spectacular revenge against Real-celotti

Morata and his spectacular revenge against Real-celotti 2
Morata and his spectacular revenge against Real-celotti 2

If you compare what Alvaro Morata has prepared to welcome his old team like a meal, the goal in the first leg is just an appetizer, to start the big piece of cake that the 22-year-old striker has for the players.

Juventus had a great performance against Real despite losing the advantage from the 2-1 victory in the first leg early.

The desire to prove that his old team was wrong in spurning him was probably a huge motivation for Morata to be more determined when he and Juventus defeated Real in the semi-finals of the Champions League this season.

`I don’t understand what happened. From being a good player, I was banished to the bench. I didn’t ask to always be the starter, but I wanted to be treated better. I rarely communicated with

Ancelotti will probably now remember the name Morata in his heart because of what this 22-year-old boy created in the 57th minute in the semi-final second leg at the Bernabeu.

Morata and his spectacular revenge against Real-celotti

Real Madrid 1-1 Juventus

Morata is probably too familiar with every corner of the Bernabeu.

It was a goal that made Real face the risk of being left empty-handed on all fronts this season and made Ancelotti feel that his position was out of reach.

12 months after making a small contribution to helping Real win the Champions League last year, Morata is facing the prospect of playing in the final of this prestigious tournament for the second time.

Morata and his spectacular revenge against Real-celotti

Last season, Ancelotti only considered Morata (white shirt) as the last backup plan for the attack, ignoring this striker’s efforts to show off his character.

Juventus did not play very convincingly in the group stage, suffering defeats against Atletico Madrid and Olympiacos.

There will be many disparaging opinions about Juventus’ victory over Dortmund and Monaco, based on the argument that the Italian team was lucky enough to be drawn against moderate opponents.

`I think this is a great result for Juventus because we worked hard to get this and now we are back,` Juventus legend Pavel Nedved said before the semi-final second leg.

They are truly back and Morata is not the only one contributing to that.

Ancelotti is probably the one who is most hurt by this defeat.

Morata and his spectacular revenge against Real-celotti

Failure in the Champions League this season, because of Morata’s goals, will most likely put an end to Ancelotti’s reign at Real Madrid.

`Juventus is a team that I have never loved and will never love. I only see them as enemies,` the Italian strategist once wrote in his autobiography.

Those names will pack their suitcases and head to Berlin to prepare to compete for the most prestigious European football title of the year.

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