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Messi begins to accept Griezmann?

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Messi begins to accept Griezmann? 0
Messi begins to accept Griezmann? 0

Messi hugged and shared joy after assisting Griezmann to score in the win over Granada on February 3.

What Barca fears most in every situation is Lionel Messi… bowing his head.

The 5-3 reverse win over Granada in the quarterfinals of the King’s Cup is proof, when Messi actively `raised his face` to find teammate Griezmann to pass.

Messi begins to accept Griezmann?

Messi’s performance against Ronaldo in the King’s Cup

Messi’s performance against Granada in the quarterfinals of the King’s Cup on February 3.

According to El Pais, that is evidence of the harmony between Griezmann and Messi, or the opposite can be said: he began to accept Griezmann.

Suarez is a very close friend of Messi in real life, having played with him until his sixth year before Griezmann `interfered` with this connection.

In essence, Griezmann is not average.

But in the first year, Griezmann fully understood Messi’s huge influence in every aspect, from the dressing room to the style of play.

Messi begins to accept Griezmann?

Messi has played a central role at Barca since 2009, forcing the team’s strikers to have to get along with him to shine.

The revolution in Messi’s role happened in 2009, in the Classic match in which Barca defeated Real Madrid 6-2.

Any striker is waiting for the ball to come from him.

People who can adapt to Messi like Villa and Henry can last a long time, people with too much personality like Ibra only play less than two seasons.

Later, strikers combined with Messi also included Neymar, Pedro, Alexis Sanchez;

`Messi proactively asked coach Luis Enrique to pull him lower to give the center to Suarez, because he saw the ability of the Uruguayan striker,` a source from the club said on El Pais.

Messi begins to accept Griezmann?

Last season, when Suarez was still around, Griezmann had to play the role of a sideline because he couldn’t get along with Messi.

Koeman intended to use Ansu Fati as a left striker, but after the young star got injured, he had to experiment again.

However, Griezmann did not play on the edge like Fati, but stuck inside to create space for left-back Jordi Alba.

`I’ve been playing better since January, more confident with the support of my teammates and coach. I’ve improved by making good use of their help,` Griezmann said after the win over Granada.

Like a domino effect, the Griezmann – Messi connection opens up a new world for the dressing room.

Messi begins to accept Griezmann?

When Messi accepted Griezmann and Griezmann learned to be influenced by Messi, Barca’s solidarity was established, creating momentum for prosperity on the field.

Whether you like it or not, how sad – happy, good – bad Messi is will always directly affect Barca’s wins and losses.

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