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Many countries face a new wave of Covid-19

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Many countries face a new wave of Covid-19 2
Many countries face a new wave of Covid-19 2

The world today recorded more than 893,000 people infected with nCoV, bringing the total number of global infections to more than 146 million, mainly due to a new outbreak in India.

More than a third of new infections were recorded in India, the current global Covid-19 epicenter.

Indian people lined up waiting to be hospitalized in New Delhi on April 23.

On April 22, India surpassed the US record for the highest number of new infections in a day in the world, in the context that many other countries have contained the pandemic.

The medical system, which is already lacking, is now under even more pressure due to overload and severe lack of oxygen.

The Indian government announced in February that it had defeated Covid-19 when the number of new infections dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.

Thailand today reported an additional 2,839 cases of nCoV infection and 8 deaths, bringing the total number of infections and deaths nationwide to 53,022 and 129 respectively. Although it has controlled Covid-19 better than many countries, Thailand is still affected.

The capital Bangkok has ordered the closure of all public places and sports areas, in the context of the number of nCoV infections increasing sharply and setting an unprecedented high.

The capital Bangkok and 40 other provinces have ordered mandatory wearing of masks in public places.

Cambodia has closed all stores in the capital Phnom Penh to control the increase in new infections.

The Cambodian government sent aid to thousands of households unable to leave their homes.

Laos recorded 88 new cases, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 247 and no deaths.

Vientiane residents are prohibited from leaving home unless there is an essential need.

The resurgence of the pandemic has left many countries struggling to cope, while some countries also recorded very high numbers of new cases.

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