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Many Americans support Harry – Meghan leaving the royal family

Many Americans support Harry - Meghan leaving the royal family 3
Many Americans support Harry - Meghan leaving the royal family 3

Outside the royal palace in the town of Windsor, 42 km west of London, where Prince Harry and his wife live, many American tourists took advantage of the opportunity to take some commemorative photos.

`As Texans, we appreciate and like that decision because we are all independent,` the consultant shared while traveling with his wife.

Although Harry and Meghan’s decision breaks tradition and protocol, Steernket believes that this is a sign that the British royal family is becoming more and more modern.

Harry and Meghan during a visit to the Canadian diplomatic mission in London on January 7.

Standing not far from Windsor Castle, Tina Juilliert, 50 years old, a tourist from North Carolina, USA, supported the decision to leave the royal family but was a bit surprised about how to proceed.

She believes that former actress Meghan must `play the villain` in this decision.

Harry and Meghan’s decision to give up their role in the monarchy and want to work for financial independence was also welcomed by visitors from many other countries.

`They became the focus of public opinion and the media seemed unkind to Meghan. The prince chose his family over the throne and that was a wise choice,` Carla Xavier, Brazilian translator, said.

Harry, 35 years old, the youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, and Meghan, a 38-year-old former American actress, met in 2016 and married in May 2018 at Windsor Castle.

However, this decision made the British royal family very `heartbroken` and an emergency meeting was held to find a satisfactory solution, while many British people did not support it.

`I think this decision will turn many people against them and upset the royal family. There is no need to do this,` Paul Brown, the British manager, said while standing outside Buckingham Palace, the residence of the royal family.

Roger Sainsbury, who served in the British army, said that the British prince and his wife knew what they were doing and needed to overcome that challenge.

Many Americans support Harry - Meghan leaving the royal family

Harry and Meghan at their wedding at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018.

Thanh Tam (According to AFP)

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