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Man City’s fraud story more than 100 years ago

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Man City's fraud story more than 100 years ago 2
Man City's fraud story more than 100 years ago 2

In August 1905, Man City striker Billy Meredith was accused of bribery by the FA.

Things became really clear after that, but not according to Meredith’s wishes.

Meredith (left) helped Man City win 1-0 against Bolton in the 1904 FA Cup final.

Man City covered up their mistakes tightly.

Turnbull is 10 years younger than Meredith, also a Man City striker.

Violence was the highlight of those matches, both on and off the field.

There are reports that Leake had previously thrown a handful of dirt at Turnbull, and lightly slapped him provocatively.

Man City's fraud story more than 100 years ago

Turnbull in the Man Utd shirt later.

The FA investigated the incident, then suspended Booth, Turnbull and the referees for one month.

Meredith and Leake both admitted to that conversation.

The FA does not disclose sources or witnesses.

But, the punishment remained the same, and Meredith could not play the next season.

This time, Meredith was dissatisfied with the team, and thoroughly exposed Man City’s mistakes.

But, Man City spent more than that amount on players.

Man City's fraud story more than 100 years ago

Man City squad won the FA Cup in 1904. Photo: PA.

Two years later, the FA saw through the incident.

`Man City bought the FA Cup,` Athletic News – the newspaper owned by Hulton – wrote.

Man City does not put ticket revenue into the club account, but rather transfers it to the leaders’ own accounts, at different banks.

The 17 players involved in the fraud were fined, suspended and banned from playing for Man City.

The foundation that Man City built in previous years has collapsed.

It cannot be ruled out that there are still teams spending beyond the player salary limit.

In May 2019, Man City faced a series of accusations of violating UEFA’s Financial Fairness laws.

It is unknown what the outcome of the current legal battle will be, but history does not lie.

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