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Man City – Barca: Time for revenge

Man City - Barca: Time for revenge 2
Man City - Barca: Time for revenge 2

* The match starts at 2:45 am Hanoi time tomorrow February 25.

Man City has only met Barca once on the European front, but from that first encounter, the Catalan team has been a hated opponent for the rich man of English football.

Man City bitterly left the game last season because of losing to Barca.

However, heading into the reunion at the Etihad today in the first leg of round 1/8, Man City is very confident, with the team’s high form as well as the destructive ability of the attack.

Last weekend’s 5-0 defeat of Newcastle not only helped Man City have their biggest win since the beginning of the season, but also quenched their thirst for victory at the Etihad since the beginning of the new year.

With the confidence fueled by that domestic front, Pellegrini and his students will now excitedly return to the European battlefield, although today, Man City will be without two important links, including James Milner (injured).

`Last season, we were probably not really ready for a big match, we respected them too much. Now it’s different, we won’t be afraid anymore,` Samir Nasri said loudly.

Man City - Barca: Time for revenge

Man City is rediscovering the destructive power of attack, scoring nine goals in just the last two matches in the Premier League.

Man City’s confidence is also fueled by the fact that Barca just received a humiliating 0-1 defeat at home at the Nou Camp at the hands of light opponent Malaga on the weekend.

Coach Luis Enrique after the match had to admit that his Barca team played football spontaneously, disorganized and foolishly because they focused too much on hitting in the middle, instead of diversifying their attacks by sending the ball out.

That defeat caused Barca to break their 11-winning streak, but it could also be the shock therapy needed to make Messi and his teammates end their lightheadedness and wake up in time when they entered the important match at the Etihad today.

Man City - Barca: Time for revenge

The tumble against Malaga on the weekend could be the shock needed for Barca.

In terms of personnel, Barca did not suffer any major losses, with only Jordi Alba waiting for a fitness test before kickoff.

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