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Ly Hoang Nam conquered Hanoi audiences

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Ly Hoang Nam conquered Hanoi audiences 0
Ly Hoang Nam conquered Hanoi audiences 0

The new king of Vietnamese men’s tennis.

After long days without spectators even though the organizers opened the door freely, the Viettravel 2012 national tennis tournament attracted a large number of spectators to the Athletics Palace in My Dinh area, Hanoi thanks to a new effect called Ly.

One day after defeating Vietnam’s No. 1 tennis player Do Minh Quan – who has been unrivaled in the domestic arena for 10 years, Ly Hoang Nam entered the men’s singles final against Tran Hoang Anh Khoa (Army) cleanly.

Anh Khoa is not Hoang Nam’s opponent.

Ly Hoang Nam easily won set 1 with a score of 6-3 and suddenly encountered some difficulty in set 2 when he soon lost a break to his opponent and for the first time in the match was led 2-3.

The audience sat in the stands to watch the men’s singles final between Ly Hoang Nam and Tran Hoang Anh Khoa.

After the match, Ly Hoang Nam said that competing for the first time in front of a full audience made him feel nervous.

A large crowd of enthusiastic spectators flocked to the Athletics Palace and were not disappointed by Ly Hoang Nam’s performance.

Although he still needs to practice a lot to be a tennis star, Ly Hoang Nam has a good foundation with very neat movements, not redundant.

With the newly acquired national championship, Ly Hoang Nam said: `At this moment I feel very happy because after many efforts I have achieved my goal.`

Ly Hoang Nam revealed the secret to help him overcome his senior Do Minh Quan, who just won Nam in the previous Men’s Future award.

The final was supposed to be held on October 13 but had to be pushed forward because on the evening of October 12, Hoang Nam had to leave for Japan to attend the Junior World Ranking Tournaments 2012 tennis tournament.

Before participating in the national championship, Hoang Nam was invited by the Asian Tennis Federation to join the continental youth team to participate in 4 tournaments of the 2012 Junior World Ranking Tournaments.

On the morning of October 13, the national championship will enter the final day of competition with two finals of women’s singles Nguyen Ai Ngoc Van – Huynh Phuong Dai Trang and men’s doubles Minh Quan/Quoc Khanh (HCMC) – Tran Thanh Hoang

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