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Life in the lair of the Islamic State

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Life in the lair of the Islamic State 0
Life in the lair of the Islamic State 0

Self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) gunmen celebrate with the wreckage of a plane after occupying Tabqa airport near Raqqa in August. Photo: AP

At a hospital in southern Türkiye, a Syrian volunteer rescue worker was lying in pain with a serious knee injury.

The incident of the rescue workers mentioned above and the stories of those lucky enough to escape from Raqqa shed light on the question of people’s lives under the rule of the terrorist group IS, and at the same time show the challenges that

According to survivors, Syrian government forces also applied this method but in reality only claimed the lives of most civilians while IS jihadists were less affected.

`The situation in Raqqa is a tragedy,` said Zakharia, a patient in pain after surgery.

Zakharia was allowed to cross into Türkiye through the normally sealed Akcakale border crossing because his injuries were too serious.

The Syrian government has stepped up its offensive campaign against IS strongholds such as Raqqa in an effort to convince the West that it is an important partner in the plan to eradicate IS.

People killed in silence

Life in the lair of the Islamic State

ISIS terrorists march on the streets of Raqqa, Syria.

`From mid-August until now, we have recorded more than 150 air strikes and 10 missile attacks targeting Raqqa province,` CSM quoted Abu Ibrahim, a Syrian activist who specializes in tracking criminal behavior.

`Most of the people affected are civilians,` said a man who asked to remain anonymous.

Bombing attacks on Raqqa became dense when IS captured Tabqa airport.

`In the past, government forces used to attack once a week. Now they carry out five to seven attacks in just one day,` said Abu Ahmed, a Raqqa resident who moved to Akcakale last month with his wife and children.

`Every day there are planes attacking and civilians dying but people don’t know about it because IS prohibits filming and taking photos,` said Umm Ali, a local resident.

On September 6, another airstrike targeted Tal Abyad street in Raqqa, where people often go to buy vegetables, killing 50 innocent people, according to data from a group of local activists.

The airstrike injured 15 members of IS, according to people living around the area.

Because they are always in fear because their daily lives face so many dangers, many people always want to escape areas under IS control.

Hundreds of Syrians fled to Türkiye through the Kilis border crossing.

The upcoming expanded air strikes from the US are both hope and fear for people living under IS rule.

Not everyone wants IS defeated.

Others welcomed Washington’s change in policy. `Let them attack and free us from this problem,` said a young man who recently escaped from Raqqa, queuing at the Kilis border crossing.

Another man, about 40 years old, quickly reminded: `You want Syria to be like Iraq? Have you seen what Afghanistan has become?`.

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