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Isolation ‘on demand’ creates complications

Isolation 'on demand' creates complications 14
Isolation 'on demand' creates complications 14

Faced with the proposal to ‘use hotels and resorts as Covid-19 quarantine places’, many VnExpress readers believe that this option is not feasible because it will put the burden on doctors and nurses and cause difficulties in work.

Being of the same mind, of the same mind, and of the same standards will create trust for the people during the anti-epidemic period, this is the most important thing.

I do not agree to separate eligible people into quarantine to collect the required fee.

I think it’s reasonable to focus like now, just need to adjust the distance and hygiene.

I do not agree with separating each service quarantine area to collect fees as required.

We do not discriminate against anyone.

In the quarantine centers, there are all sections, not all in one place.

If quarantine has a fee, some people will see it as a service and will demand it just like staying at a hotel.

Meanwhile, others support the above proposal, thinking that it will be a solution to reduce the budget burden for anti-epidemic work:

Our country is still poor, with a limited budget, so it is even more necessary to quarantine those who can afford it, and collect service fees.

I very much agree with the establishment of fee-based quarantine areas for people in need to reduce costs, socialize and take advantage of wasteful, empty hotels and resorts.

Vietnamese people who go abroad to study and live absolutely deserve to be welcomed when they return to their motherland to avoid the epidemic.

However, once you open your heart, you should love it completely.

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